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|| The Last Date for admission for Jyotirvid, Jyotirvisharad and Research (2023-24) was 31-01-2023. ||


Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis (Bombay Astrological Society)
Dr. Dinesh K. Daftary
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Shri Rajesh Kacha
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Jyotisha Bharati
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Hazarimal Somani College,
4th Floor, Room No. 45,
K.M.Munshi Marg,
Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007
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  • Paper-I :- Primary Direction (100 Marks)
    Primary, Secondary and Radix methods of directing planets, Calculating and Preparing the Speculum using Spherical Trigonometry. PD (Advance) : With the help of speculum table, Working out dates for timing of events taking into consideration various types of aspects eg. Cusp distance, Mundane aspects, Zodiacal aspects, Parallel, etc.
  • Paper-II :- Ashtakavarga and Muhurta (100 Marks)
    • Ashtakavarga (50 Marks)
      Evolution of Ashtakavarga, it’s importance and use in Predictive Astrology, preparing a complete Ashtakavarga Chart including Trikona and Ekadhipatya Shodhana, Bhava and Bindu phala, Longevity, Dasha Antardasha, Ashtakavarga and Navamsha etc.
    • Muhurta – Indian system (50 Marks)
      Evolution of Muhurta Shastra since Vedic Age, Muhurta for matters relating to traveling, pilgrimages, agriculture and other miscellaneous matters given in standard texts eg. Dharma Sindhu, Nirnaya Sindhu (including Shaucha – Ashaucha.Diksha Grahana etc.)
  • Paper-III :- Nakshatra Jyotisha - K.P. Predictive(100 Marks)
    Horary Astrology, Melapaka, solving day to day problems relating to health, finance, matrimonial matters, business, vocation, education, journeys, critical stages during illness etc.
  • Paper-IV :- Sayana Practice (100 Marks)
    Review of predictive techniques – ( ODM, Naibod , Secondary directions and Primary directions) and their application in the areas of Education, Marriage, Progeny, Career, Finance, Health / accidents and birth time rectification, Developments in the 20th century – Exploring the symbolic directions by CEO Carter and William Frankland and their practical application
  • Paper-V :- Mundane Astrology And Horary / Election Astrology(100 Marks)
    Importance of Mundane Astrology to the world or a Nation or Province, Foundation charts, Independence day charts, The importance of an oath ceremony of a President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Coronation etc. The importance and use of Ingress charts, Equinoxes and Solistices, Eclipses and their importance, siting of Comets and their importance in predicting National events, Earthquakes, Floods, Storms, Tempests, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Weather predictions etc.
    • Horary Astrology:
      Revision of the basic theory of Horary Astrology as per Sayana and Tajika systems as per Jyotirvid Course with special emphasis on solving practical and real life problems. Problems related to consideration of the Natal Chart and the progressed chart if possible while dealing with a Horary Chart.
    • Electional Astrology- Western System:
      Salient features and importance of Electional Astrology and general principles thereof, the role and importance of the Moon in Electional Astrology, Planetary Hours or Hora, the Lunar Mansions and aspects in fixing of Muhurta, detailed and in-depth study of major elections in respect of all matters connected with day to day requirements eg. Personal and Domestic : Commerce and Finance; Business and Occupation; Friendships and Favours; Medical consultations and administration of medicines; Marriage and Children; House and Property; Journeys and Messages; Games and Sports; matters concerning Political activities, Court cases, Agriculture and Gardening; Pets and Animals; Prisoners and Criminals; PublicAffairs etc.
  • Paper-VI :- Nirayan Astrology I (100 Marks)
    Yogas, Nakshatras, Mantra Yantra, Remedial Measure and Practical Chart Analysis along with KP Predictive Methods along with Nirayana & Shodash Vargas.
|| The Last Date for admission for Jyotirvid, Jyotirvisharad and Research (2023-24) was 31-01-2023. ||