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|| The Last Date for admission for Jyotirvid, Jyotirvisharad and Research (2023-24) was 31-01-2023. ||


Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis (Bombay Astrological Society)
Dr. Dinesh K. Daftary
Shri V.M. Sompura
Vice Principal:
Shri S.C.Joshi
Hon. Secretary:
Ms. Urmi. H. Pasad
Shri V.V. Bhaskaran
Shri Yogesh Kamdar
Dr. G.B. Jani
Shri K.N. Rao


Jyotisha Bharati
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Hazarimal Somani College,
4th Floor, Room No. 45,
K.M.Munshi Marg,
Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007
Phone: (022) 23623386
Fax : (022) 23630058
email: bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati@gmail.com
(Walkable distance from Grant Road/Charni Road Railway Stations)


  • Minimum passing marks in each subject or individual paper is 40%, irrespective of the total marks alloted to that subject.
  • A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate are required for promotion to the next higher class, failing which he will be declared as failed.
  • No certificate whatsoever shall be given on completion of the First and Second Year Examinations.
  • Jyotirvisharada Certificate shall be given only on successfully completing the entire three year course.
  • A student who secures the highest % marks subject to a minimum of an aggregate of 75% marks and passes in all the subjects at one attempt in the Final Examination, will be awarded a Special cash Prize.
  • A student who at least secures 50% marks in the aggregate but secures less than 40% marks in maximum of two papers, will be Allowed To Keep Terms. ATKT shall not be allowed in more than two papers and not more than one ATKT attempt will be allowed.
  • At such ATKT examinations, the student must secure at least 50% marks in the paper(s) in which he appears, failing which. he shall be considered as failed.
  • Pending such Supplementary Examinations, the student shall be allowed to sit in the next year's classes but if he fails, he will have to repeat the previous year's course or quit the course.
  • These rules are applicable to all students irrespective of their appearance at any previous year examination having ATKT and uncleared.

Decision of the Principal in any matters arising therefrom shall be final and binding on the students.

|| The Last Date for admission for Jyotirvid, Jyotirvisharad and Research (2023-24) was 31-01-2023. ||