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The ancient lore of India is unique, for many branches, its attempt was to probe the mysteries of life and death. Of its lore, the most amazing has been the science of Jyotisha, Astrology.

The lore is doubtless fascinating. From very early days, I have taken interest in friends and astrologers trying their skill on the planetary chart of the heavens at the moment of my birth, for that is what a horoscope is. I have never closed my mind to the science.

In condemning astrology, we shut our face against a science, with a predetermined vision. If explored with patience, honesty and skill, it might perhaps break through the barrier which separates life from death, the present from the future; it might give an insight into man's endeavour and his ultimate destiny.

Dr. K. M. Munshi


Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis(Bombay Astrological Society)
Dr. Dinesh K. Dafftary
Shri Sharad C. Joshi
Vice Principal:
Shri Rajesh Kacha
Hon. Secretary:
Dr. Urmi. H. Pasad
Shri Jagdish Lakhani
Shri V.V Bhaskaran
Shri Yogesh Kamdar
Dr. G.B.Jani
Shri P.M.Madkaikar

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|| Admissions for this academic year have closed. New admissions for the Year 2025 will commence in December 2024 ||