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|| Admissions for this academic year have closed. New admissions for the Year 2025 will commence in December 2024 ||


Jyotisha Bharati
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Hazarimal Somani College,
4th Floor, Room No. 45,
K.M.Munshi Marg,
Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007
Phone: (022) 23623386
Fax : (022) 23630058
email: bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati@gmail.com
(Walkable distance from Grant Road/Charni Road Railway Stations)


Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis (Bombay Astrological Society)
Dr. Dinesh K. Daftary
Shri S.C.Joshi
Vice Principal:
Shri Rajesh Kacha
Hon. Secretary:
Dr. Urmi Pasad
Shri Jagdish Lakhani
Shri V.V. Bhaskaran
Shri Yogesh Kamdar
Dr. G.B. Jani
Shri P.M.Madkaikar

  • BAS was officially registered as a Society, in the year 1929.
  • Mm. Prof. Jayati Krishna Hari Krishna Dave, was a stalwart in his own right. He was an expert in Constitutional Law, Hindu Law, etc.
  • On the recommendation of Prof Dave and a magnificent donation by Seth Charandas Meghji Mathurdas, Kulpati K.M. Munshiji, founder of the Bhavan, granted affiliation to BAS and ever since then, we have a permanent home here.
  • Shri Gopalkrishna Dhirajlal Modi was born on 24th. December, 1915 and passed away on 27th. June, 1997.
  • In 1998, we started our JYOTIR VISHARAD Courses as a classroom effort, as students were wanting that procedure.
  • We never had a formal function of Convocation until as late as in 1999, i.e. for as many as 107 years since inception. That function was a brilliant success but alas, we could not follow it up on a regular basis. It was not due to lack of funds. Bhavan has NEVER let us feel want of funds for our progress. But procedural hassles were many. Between 1999 and 2012 we just had two convocations that were joint with the Capricorn Ingress Surya Pooja.
  • Shri Jinabhai G. Lad retired on health grounds in March 2010. He was immediately appointed as Principal Emeritus and Mr. G. B. Forbes was appointed the Principal of Jyotisha Bharati at a function on 21st. March, 2010.
  • Then in December 2012, we had a major function which celebrated our 120 years of existence. A whole cycle of Vimshottari Dasha had been completed.
  • Dr. D. K. Daftary, a dentist of repute was appointed as the Chairman of Jyotisha Bharati.
  • In March 2017, 125th Anniversary of Jyotisha Bharati was celebrated.
  • Shri. G.B Forbes retired from the post of Principal on health grounds in January 2018. Shri V.M Sompura and Shri Sharad C.Joshi were immediately appointed as Principal and Vice-Principal respectively.
|| Admissions for this academic year have closed. New admissions for the Year 2025 will commence in December 2024 ||