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|| Admissions for this academic year have closed. New admissions for the Year 2025 will commence in December 2024 ||

Convocation Programme 2017-2018

This programme which is conducted annually at the end of December month which was conducted today Sunday 23rd December 2018. Mainly it is for Surya Puja and declaration of Annual Results of Jyotisha Bharati students.

Dr. Dafftary Sir - Chairperson
Vasant Sompura Sir - Principal
Sharad Joshi Sir - Vice Principal
Gustap Forbes Sir - Ex.Principal
Rajesh Kanccha - Professor
Saroj Dare - Professor
Dolly Kothari - Professor
Tanny Garg - Professor
Sundar Balakrishnan - Professor
Chintan Metha - Professor
Rajput Deepak - Professor
Kunal Vora - Professor
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year and Ex students


  • 10.30 - Start of Surya Puja with recitation of the required Sanskrit Mantras by Chirag Pandit with him explaining why the Puja is done. It was conducted on 5th Floor where an elaborate havan kund was prepared.
  • 11.10 - After the Surya Puja everyone assembled in 401 class.
    Recitation of Sanskrit Slokes by Rupam Joshi, 5th Yr. Student and two other pandits.
    The inaugural panch mukhi brass oil lamp was lit by Dr. Dafftray Sir and followed by our Principal Sompura, Vice Principal Joshi and Senior Staff.
  • 11.20 After recitation and lighting of lamp and an introductory speech was given by Principal Sompura covering what is the Role of Astrologer for students who have completed 5 years of astrology with respect to the general public. The message given was to be a good guide to people who come for advice in times of difficulty.
    This was followed by a few words from Dr. Dafftray on learning astrology as one has passion for astrology. Astrology as a science which was suppressed by the British Colonial rulers so there was a disconnect.
    How every discovery with science is with observation and gave an example of discovery of antibiotic penicillin. Also stressed that the Alumini should be made stronger by joining and participating in its activities. Giving suggestions in it.
    Only Bhartiya Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati gives all round foundation to be a good astrologer.
    K. M. Munshi founder of Bhartiya Bhavan had an aim to bring astrology at par with other sciences. Thus he concluded.
    Followed by a speech by Vice Principal Sharad Joshi Sir.
    It was about, how to move ahead with the Science of Astrology. Long term course with the scope of research in astrology.
  • 11.45 Felicitation of Dr. Dafftary with a bouquet of flowers.
    Certificates for successful students of Jyotirvid 2016 and 2017 were given by Dr. Dafftary to individual students followed by Jyotir Visharad students of 2016 and 2017.
  • 12.00 After completing the distribution of certificates there was a break of an hour where snacks and tea was served in the common hall.
  • 01.00 Reassembled in 401 class for a lecture by a well known astrologer Mr. Ketan. R. Vagadia on the importance of planet, Venus in the Natal Chart. It was based on Sanjivini Vidhya Shukra Sutra. How Shukra plays a role in diabetes with Jupiter, Pancreas and blood. Spoke about Shukra and Jupiter cycles and how India missed as culture of India was destroyed by invaders. When Venus stands for cultural values and when Venus is closed to earth planet. Also when conjunct with Venus and Sun, either Direct or Retrograde American Universities when they did research of Amul Tetra Pack came up with having dimensions of pack with respect to Golden Ratio proportions for its success.
    Comparing the faces of Aishwarya Rai and Susmita Sen, Miss Universe where one has Golden Ratio face for being more beautiful. When Venus is negative in the Birth Chart there can be problem with Eye lids falling involuntary and when retrograde some forceful event takes place in one's life with example of Rangavdoot holy person. When Venus is strong gets blessings and if a doctor can heal patients just by talking. If Venus is bad cannot be a good Astrologer. The lecture Ended at 2.15.
  • 2.15 Alumini meet 2.15 to 5.00
|| Admissions for this academic year have closed. New admissions for the Year 2025 will commence in December 2024 ||