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Surya-puja, and a lecture on 'Different Yogas of the Horoscope' by Dr. Pradeep V. Vyas

The Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati organized its annual Surya-puja, and a lecture on 'Different Yogas of the Horoscope' by the renowned astrologer Dr. Pradeep V. Vyas, on Sunday, 22-12-2019.


The function commenced with the Vedic prayer rendered by the students. Prof. V.M. Sompura, Principal, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, delivered the welcome address, and offered floral tributes and shawl to the speaker Dr. Pradeep V. Vyas. Ms. Archana Bhide introduced the speaker.
In his inspiring speech, Dr. D. K. Daftary, Chairman, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, and Trustee, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, greeted the speaker, and appealed the teachers to motivate the students to learn the subject of Astrology as a science, with urge and passion. He also encouraged the students for their active participation in various academic activities of the Institute.
In his thought-provoking lecture, Dr. Pradeep V. Vyas enlightened the topics like Palmistry, Phrenology, various planetary combinations of the horoscope, and their relationship with the theory of Karma. He also discussed the different Yogas (conjunctions) of the various planets including Saturn, Rahu, Ketu etc., causing various positive effects like good thinking ability, and negative effects like physical disability, confinement, diseases, death etc. and remedies prescribed for gaining relief from the evil effects.
Prof. Sharad C. Joshi, Vice Principal, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, proposed the vote of thanks. After the function, the results of the annual exams - 2019 were declared.