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Sky-gazing programme of Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati NEW

The Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati conducted its annual sky-gazing programme on 2nd and 3rd February, 2019, at Bordi near Dahanu. 114 participants (including students, faculty-members, guests and ex-students) took part in this programme.
In his introductory speech, Prof. Sharad C. Joshi, Vice Principal, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, explained the relationship of Astronomy and Astrology, and importance of sky-gazing.
Shri Prabhu Vellar and Shri Chintan S. Joshi, Space Guides from Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai; guided the participants in their sky-gazing (through telescope), and elaborated the topics like reading of sky-map, observation of sky through naked eyes, identification of birds and objects like clouds, planes, satellites, planets, stars, etc.; precautions to be taken while observing the sky through telescope, etc. The notes on sky-map and details regarding rising, culminating and setting of planets were given to all participants. The participants also attended the lectures on various topics, delivered by Space Guides and faculty members, with power-point presentation