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Convocation and Lecture on 'Sanjeevani-karaka Shukra (Venus)' by Shri Ketan Vagadia

The Convocation of the Bhavan’s Jyotisha Bharati was held on Sunday, 23-12-2018. At the outset of the function, the annual Surya-puja was performed. The Convocation function commenced with the recitation of Vedic Mantras, by the students. Dr Dinesh K Daftary, Chairman, Managing Committee, Bhavan’s Jyotisha Bharati , Principal Prof. V. M. Sompura, Vice Principal Prof. Sharad C. Joshi, and senior staff-members lit the lamp marking the inauguration of the function.


Prof.V.M. Sompura delivered the welcome speech wherein he addressed the students (who completed the five-year course), on their future role and responsibilities as astrologers. He offered floral tribute to the chief guest of the Convocation – Dr. D.K. Daftary.
In his Convocation Address, Dr. Daftary appealed the teachers to motivate the students to learn the subject of Astrology as a Science, with urge and passion, and encouraged the students to actively participate in various academic programmes of the Institute.
The certificates of Jyotirvid and Jyotirvisharada courses were distributed by Dr.Daftary among successful students. Prof. Sharad C. Joshi, in his brief speech, gave important tips to the students for systematic and scientific study of astrology. The results of the last annual exams. were declared by Principal V. M. Sompura.


A special lecture on ’Sanjeevani-karaka Shukra ( Venus)’ by the renowned astrologer Shri Ketan Vagadia, was organized at this function. In his inspiring lecture, Shri Vagadia enlightened the topics like role and importance of Shukra ( Venus) in the horoscope, its various effects on the career and life of different professionals, artists and performers; as well as its unique power of giving life-energy and strength, in accordance with its place and association with other Grahas ( planets).
Prof. Rajesh Kacha proposed the vote of thanks.